Hui Choon Wai


Qualifications & Professional / Academic History

  • BA (Hons), Oxford University (1997)
  • Dip. Sing. Law, National University of Singapore (1998)
  • Admitted as Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in (1999)


Area of Practice

  • Litigation/ Dispute Resolution
  • Personal matters
  • Corporate matters


Experience/ Specializations

  • Construction and renovation: acting for homeowners, developers, main contractors and subcontractors in both court, arbitration and SOP adjudication proceedings as well as mediation, to resolve defective works, delay claims, damage to property and interfloor water seepage (including Strata Title Board applications).
  • Property disputes:  acting for shopowners, homeowners, mall owners and tenants in landlord and tenant disputes, assisting clients to apply for the removal of caveats over their property, and acting for clients in actions involving trusts over property
  • Others: defamation, action for accounts in partnership disputes, inheritance disputes, personal injury etc.
  • Matrimonial and divorce: the drafting of Deed of Separation, representing clients in divorce and ancillary matter proceedings (both uncontested and contested), and various applications such as to vary order, for maintenance, and for personal protection orders.
  • Personal matters: assisting clients in drafting of their Will, Power of Attorney, Statutory Declaration, Deed Poll, writing letters of appeal in relation to immigration and tax matters, drafting and advising on tenancy agreements, property agent agreements etc.
  • Probate and Mental Capacity: acting in Probate and Administration applications after the death of a loved one, as well as court applications for an order of sale in relation to estate property, and the drafting of the Deed of Family Arrangements in respect of inheritances. Assisting families in their applications under the Mental Capacity Act for the appointment of the Deputy to take care of the welfare and assets of a mentally incapacitated family member.
  • Corporate matters: Choon Wai is legal counsel to corporations such as companies, MCSTs and country clubs advising them on their general legal matters, including writing legal opinions, drafting and vetting of various agreements such as manufacturing and supply agreement, supplier agreement, distribution agreement, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement, non-competition agreement, employment agreement, catering contract, services contract, IT services contract, equipment lease agreement, termination agreements, invitation to tender documents, letter of undertaking, sale and purchase of share agreement, joint venture agreement, subcontract for supply of goods/services, advising on issues relating to club constitution and general meetings etc.


Approach/ Methology

Choon Wai believes in taking the time to understand her clients and to put herself in her clients’ shoes when considering what they need and how to help them while being mindful of the cost consequences. She renders not only legal advice but aims to suggest a practical and reasonable way for clients to move forward with their matters while protecting their interests.

In dispute cases, Choon Wai believes that lawyers have a duty to help parties steer them away from their acrimony and focus on achieving a resolution.


Client base

  • Individual and corporate property owners
  • Local and foreign-owned contractors
  • Local companies, MNCs, MCSTs and country clubs
  • Individuals seeking matrimonial advice


Reported Judgments

  • Tai Kim San and another v Lim Cher Kia [2000] 3 SLR (R) 892
  • Luzon Hydro Corp v Transfield Philippines Inc [2004] 4 SLR (R) 705
  • Realstar Property Pte Ltd v Wong Seng Chak and Another [2006] SGMA 24
  • Mak Kah Leong v 3E Interior & Associates Pte Ltd [2007] SGDC 36
  • Ang Meng Lee v Ng Siam Khui and Another [2008] SGHC 223
  • Ng Siam Khui and another v Ang Meng Lee [2010] SGHC 103
  • Segar Ashok v Koh Fonn Lyn Veronica and another suit [2010] SGHC 168
  • AXW v AXX [2012] SGDC 39
  • AXW v AXX [2012] SGHC 121
  • Chua Siew Siew v Liang See Hing [2014] SGHC 103
  • Cai Xiaomei v Zhang Shaoji [2014] SGDC 132
  • Lin Choo Mee v Tat Leong Development (Pte) Ltd & Others [2015] 99
  • UFS v UFT [2017] SGFC 105
  • TYY v TYZ [2017] SGHCF 6



  • Member of the Law Society of Singapore
  • Member of the Singapore Academy of Law
  • Member, Ladies Soccer Team, Law Society of Singapore
  • Board member, St Margaret Ex-Students’ Association