Wong Hur Yuin


Qualifications & Professional / Academic History

  • B. (Hons), University of Singapore (1990)
  • Admitted as Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore (1991)


Area of Practice

  • Family law, divorce and matrimonial disputes, disputes on spouse and child maintenance, child custody and access, personal protection orders
  • Estate, Wills and trust work (including litigation for Wills, probate, and trust matters, estate planning)
  • Matters involving allegations of Breach of Trust or Trustees’ and Fiduciary duties
  • Matters relating to Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) or court applications for the appointment of a Deputy/Deputies under the Mental Capacity Act or appointment of a Committee under the precursor Mental Disorders and Treatment Acts
  • advising on/matters relating to the management of the estates of persons with mental incapacity, cognitive impairment, or dementia (particularly the elderly)
  • intellectual property issues
  • Drafting and advising on wide variety of contracts and agreements, including leases and licences, tender documents, broadcast agreements, sponsorship agreements, IT and IP agreements.


Experience/ Specialization; Approach/ Methodology

Hur Yuin has a highly varied practice covering both contentious and non-contentious areas of family law, probates and estates, wills and trusts, intellectual property rights and contract claims.  She also provides corporate drafting and advisory services, as well as corporate secretarial work, for various corporate entities.

She has been involved in trust litigation dealing with breaches of trust which had taken place over decades, as well as post-judgment applications for accounts and inquiries and the tracing of trust assets.  She has also acted in various contentious probate proceedings where the validity of the last Will of the deceased was challenged.  One of these cases in particular explored in detail the issues of dementia, as well as mental and testamentary capacity.  From the case arose important principles on what duties and obligations the testator’s solicitors had in ascertaining the knowledge and approval of the testator at the time of executing the will.

She views family, trust and estate cases as all being part of her practice of “Family Law”, in view of the fact that much of the trust and probate litigation she encounters arise from family disputes. It is her strong belief that disputes in general should be approached pragmatically with common sense.  And more particularly in family-related matters, the adversarial system must be tempered, in appropriate circumstances, by compassion.

An avid music hobbyist and amateur musician, as well as a supporter of Open Source, she has a particular interest in intellectual property and licensing issues relating to open source software as well as music and the impact of the Internet and digital technology on it.  She runs Linux/GNU operating systems at home.


Client base

Besides her family and estate clients, Hur Yuin provides corporate drafting and advisory services to various corporate entities.  She also provides Corporate Secretarial services for certain companies that have been set up with particular altruistic aims and principles.  She also advises and acts for a charitable trust which gives a significant yearly sum to various schools – as identified by the Ministry of Education – for their financially-disadvantaged students.



  • lectured at the Singapore Institute of Technology (Nursing Faculty) on Decision Making, Mental Capacity and End of Life issues for medical patients
  • Chee Mu Lin Muriel v Chee Ka Lin Caroline (Chee Ping Chian Alexander and another, interveners) [2010] 4 SLR 373 (Court of Appeal) and [2009] SGHC 229



  • Member of the Institute of Singapore Trade Mark Agents (ISTMA)
  • Member of the Law Society of Singapore
  • Member of the Singapore Academy of Law
  • Member, Ladies Soccer Team, Law Society of Singapore