Collective Sale of Haig Road Flats

Wee Swee Teow LLP acts in the collective sale of a block of 24 flats along Haig Road (“Haig Road Flats”) which sits on a 2,544.5 square metre freehold site with a gross plot ratio of 1.4.

As each flat is not strata subdivided and there are subsisting leases of flats in the development, the collective sale of Haig Road Flats is a unique project which falls under section 84D of the Land Titles (Strata) Act 1967. We are pleased to be working on this project with Colliers International (Singapore) Pte Ltd. The tender closes on 7 April 2022.

Our Lee Soo Chye, Jacqueline Teo and Alan Tan are leading the team in this collective sale project.

(Reported in The Business Times: 24 flats at Haig Road up for collective sale with S$48m indicative price, Real Estate – THE BUSINESS TIMES)